We talked with Rogelio Lozano , former guitarist of Downset and current guitarist of powerhouse Powerflo!!

Rogelio Lozano / Founder and lead Guitarist of Powerflo

Can you introduce yourself and your current band?
R: My Name is Rogelio Lozano. I’m the founder and lead guitarist of Powerflo along with Senen Reyes AKA Sen Dog of Cypress Hill on Lead Vocals. On rhythm guitar and second vocals Billy Graziadei of Biohazard and on the bass guitar we have Christian Olde Wolbers former member of Fear Factory.

Can you tell us a little the history of the band?
R: Billy from Biohazard took out Downset for the 1994 “State Of the World Address” Tour. Just prior to the tour, Sen Dog appeared and recorded on that “State Of the World Address” album.
Then Billy and Evan meet Christian Olde Wholbers in late 1994, that’s when Christian decided to move to Los Angeles and that’s where Billy meet with Christian again and introduced him to Dino of Fear Factory.
Then, as the years passed Christian and I were separately invited to record on CypressHill’s “Skull and Bones” album. Ironically or by coincidence, we had been friends because Downset has already toured with Fear Factory, so at the end Christian and I ended up playing in the Live Band for CypressHill.
We both recorded on CypressHill’s “Skull and Bones”,”Till Death Do Us Part” and “Stoned Raiders” Albums and we had all been Friends since then.
In 2015 Sen Dog and I formed Powerflo. The word Powerflo was originally spelled “Powerflow” and it meant a style of Rap.
I created that word while producing rappers and rap core/metal bands. The word’s intended use was to communicate with the vocalist to “powerflow” meaning aggressive rap approach. That’s were in one session when I was recording SenDog for this project. He heard me say “powerflow that part” He liked the word and named the project Powerflo with no W at the end of the word
Since then, we went looking for members to form a Band. So that’s when we called Christian and Billy to help write and finish the remainder of the album.

Can you share with us your favorites 5 venues or festivals that you played on your last tour and tell us why?

R: We all strongly believe that every show we had on our last Tour 2018 in Europe were Amazing. From small headline Shows, headCRASH Hamburg (Germany), Luxor Köln (Germany) and The Dome, Tufnell Park (England) to the Bigger Festivals, Download Festival, With full force festival , Hellfest Open Air Festival, Graspop Metal Meeting, NOVA ROCK Festival, and RESURRECTION FEST were all incredible in their own way. Most of the time people’s received us with a warm welcome. Everyone in the band has a different favorite. We also had a show opening for Body Count in Budapest, Hungary (Budapest Park) which was my favorite stage of the tour.

You have any bad experiences that you can share with us in an specific venue?

R: The House Of Blues in Disneyworld, Florida banned us because they didn’t like our lyrics….. so we researched why.
They have a policy department where the bands that are booked are reviewed to see if the bands are within “a Moral conduct in the lyrics or stage act”. Unfortunately they declined us. As we researched, there were plenty of bands (not mentioning any names ) that had a worse message and lacked the class that we have and were able to play!!…. the feeling was horrible. Being sidelined in the middle of our tour with P.O.D. was a total embarrassment…

What do you think about Bandtiger?
R: Bandtiger is a cool new app that all new bands as well as old bands should have on their phone. It helps you to see what venues are good and not so good for your band. It’s a new revolutionary way to look ahead!

About Powerflo:
Distilling heavy metal, hip-hop, punk, and rock into a potent sonic strain, POWERFLO lives up to its name. The vision of GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum Cypress Hill spitter Sen Dog, BIOHAZARD vocalist and guitarist Billy Graziadei, DOWNSET. guitarist Rogelio “Roy” Lozano, ex-FEAR FACTORY bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, the band draws on this powerhouse pedigree to collectively smash boundaries with the 2017 full-length debut, POWERFLO [ New Damage Records] OUT NOW!
In the short time together as Powerflo, the band has toured the US with P.O.D, Brujeria, Prong and finished their first European tour and currently working on new material for their next release.

More info about Powerflo:

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