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Bandtiger Spotlight: Rock Café Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

We talked  with Šimon Blaschko , booking and production manager at Rock Café Prague in Prague, Czech Republic.

Can you tell us a little about the history of your venue?
Rock Café is the oldest club, which has been established very short after the Velvet revolution. We are actually also based on one of the most important streets of the Velvet revolution – on Národní street. We started as a music club, but after some reconstructions, we also have theatre hall and gallery.

What is what you like about having live music at your bar?
It is very important for us to support young bands, to help them with their first steps. It is always nice to see them in few years with full club.

Your bar is open to all styles of music or is specified to a certain genre ?
We like and organize all kinds of music – indie, punk, metal, hip hop. And as I already mentioned – you can also find theatre and different exhibitions in our program.

What was one of your favorites artists that played at your bar?
I am mainly punk/hardcore guy and I am always happy, if I can bring some of my favorite bands to Rock Café, for example Lionhearth (USA), Siberian Meat Grinder (RU) or ITCHY (DE). But I also listen for example to rap music. That’s why I also really enjoyed the show of Snak The Ripper (CAN) or La Coka Nostra (USA).

What do you think about Bandtiger?
I always support projects, which can help to improve the music industry. And it is definitely something, what Bandtiger can do!

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