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Best places to play in Helsinki, Finland

Our Bandtiger ambassador Jouni Tauriainen from electronic / rock act I Think I Broke Something share with us his favorites venues in Helsinki, Finland.

We have played here once. It’s a quite small but still legendary place and there’s a change you can get a slot even if you aren’t a big name. No specific genre.

Maybe the most legendary rock club in Finland. SEMIFINAL is actually downstairs so that’s why the same email-address. More rock oriented but not specific genre at the same time.

Kuudes Linja
Haven’t played here but seen gigs. They have a great acoustics and sound system. Not so big and no specific genre but maybe more electronic & hip hop oriented.
This is a ship which makes it a bit different. I think this is more electronic oriented. Have been here once but can’t really remember anything… so it must be a nice place.


I Think I Broke Something, or ITIBS for short, combines an intense electronic sound with strong influences from metal and punk. At its core, ITIBS is a duo featuring JT and MST. Live, ITIBS combines a DJ set with live vocals, drums and keyboards.

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