/, spotlight/Bandtiger Spotlight: Spruce Goose: Social Flyers Club (Houston, USA)

Bandtiger Spotlight: Spruce Goose: Social Flyers Club (Houston, USA)

Club 811 Congress Houston

Our Bandtiger Ambassador Tominique Roots from Dirty & Nasty asked some questions to Whitney Andrew, booking representative and co-founder of the venue Spruce Goose: Social Flyers Club in Houston, USA.

1- Can you tell us a little about the history of your bar?

R: Well its brand new so it doesn’t have much history at this point. However, the building itself does have some significance! It was the location of the worlds first super-market called Henke (the name of which is still painted on the outside of our building.) It was 3 stores and carried both groceries and home goods/clothing. It was later bought out by what is now Kroger; and if you do some digging around on Google you’ll find that the familiar Kroger logo we’ve all seen for decades is actually a modified version of the original Henke logo. We wanted to keep the Houston references in this building going so we named our bar “Spruce Goose”, in reference to the famous Houston, Howard Hughes. We later found that Hughes and Henke are buried a few plots away from each other in a cemetery on Washington Avenue.

2- What is what you like about having live music at your bar?

R: Well, to be honest we aren’t a bar, we are a live music venue. We are only open for shows and thats where all of our revenue and social participation stems from. All of our staff are music enthusiast (many being musicians themselves.)

3- Your bar is open to all styles of music or is specified to a certain genre ?

R: We are open to all types of music, and performance art. Listening to the same thing every night wouldn’t be as fun for us; and it would really limit our draw and the participation we get from the Houston music and art scene as a whole.

4- What was one of your favorites artists that played at your bar?

R: Shilpa Ray was a big one for us because she is incredibly talented, puts on an incredible live show, and several members of our staff were fans of her work before she even walked through our door. Hosting people you’ve appreciated for potentially years of you live is an honor, to say the least.

5- What do you think about Bandtiger?

R: Bandtiger seems like a really great concept put together by people who really care about what they’re doing! We cant wait to see what the future holds for it.

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