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Bandtiger Spotlight: Mondo Bizarro (Rennes, France)

We asked some questions to Bruno Mondo, owner of the Bar Mondo Bizarro in Rennes, France

Can you tell us a little about the history of your bar?
I was a musician / promoter here in Rennes, France and around the year 2000 there were not too many places to play in the city so I decided to take the challenge to create my own space and after a lot of struggles I opened Mondo Bizarro in 2002. I created it to give a space so different associations could organize their shows, now it is very common but I was one of the first to propose a concept like this.

What is what you like about having live music at your bar?
As a musician it was important for me to not only open a bar just to sell alcohol but to create a space for musicians to express their art. Music is my passion.

Your bar is open to all styles of music or is specified to a certain genre ?
In the beginning we were more focused on punk rock and metal because there were already some other places more electronic oriented, but after we start to organize some hip hop and electro shows. These days we are really open to almost any kind of style of music (reggae, hip hop, hardcore, punk rock, metal, etc…).

What was one of your favorites artists that played at your bar?
One of my favorites artists that played here was the punk rock band UK SUBS. After booking some shows for them I became really good friend with his singer Charlie Harper. Charlie is a real inspiration for me and for the punk scene in general because the energy and joy he transmits on stage.

What do you think about Bandtiger?
I think it is a real good idea and I will try my best to spread the word about it.

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